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This result-oriented course is for you, whether you are a fresh graduate, startup entrepreneur, existing business owner, marketing professional, or business executive.

On completion of this course, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of how digital marketing works, practical ability on how to execute various online campaigns successfully; you will also get our certification. Get ahead of the pack and stand out in your career with digital marketing know-how, and if you need a job, we'll recommend you to our teeming clients that need your service.

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Having taught over 3,000 students in Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt since 2013 that we started teaching digital marketing, you are in good company. We learn and also continue to learn from industry leaders in the United States while we experiment in Nigeria; our mentors are top experts in various areas of their industry. We don't teach from books but from a wealth of experience garnered over 17+ years of real-life experiments from various successful digital projects. We're still investing heavily in training because the digital world is evolving, we continue to learn from our famous and professional mentors in the U.S.A.

Our students work for the nation's top companies, and others have relocated to work abroad.

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What You Will Learn

We'll empower you with the know-how, skill sets, experiments, and insights to speak with authority and work on any digital marketing project. In a nutshell, you'll be skillful in online marketing; you will acquire the ability to create successful digital marketing projects from scratch.

Introduction to Digital Marketing and Its Fundamentals

Why do I need a digital marketing course? How can it improve my business bottom-line? How can digital marketing help my career? What is the connection between traditional marketing(outbound) and digital marketing(inbound)? I've got a brief idea; why do I need to advance?

These are the questions that must have sprouted from your mind before you landed on this page.

Meanwhile, the first question I want you to ask yourself is, What is Digital Marketing?

The answer to that question is the first step to understanding all the questions surrounding this notion.

Digital Marketing is the process of attracting, engaging, and converting a potential audience through digital channels to get them to take a specific action that will improve your bottom line. There has always been a mixup; you don't necessarily need to be in business to exploit these numerous online opportunities. You can use them to achieve other goals like: get a job, get a partner on a project, reach a large audience of followers as a mentor, as a speaker, as a teacher, or as a crusader, etc. The point is that there has been a paradigm shift in the way we co-exist as humans, a better way to reach people, and if you fail to embrace it, in every event, you have a big shot against yourself.

This module takes you through the fundamentals, keeping things clear and actionable.

  • Understanding the need for a website and other digital accounts as a pre-requisite for digital marketing.
  • Learning the digital marketing vocabulary as you journey through the course and career.
  • The mental framework of digital marketing process is "Attract » Engage » Convert." Learn how to make it work for you.
  • Knowing the necessary tools required like funnels, data analytics, tools, plugins, software, etc.
  • Learn the making of digital marketing skills, i.e., SEO, media buying, funnels, email marketing, analytics.
  • Learn how to generate organic traffic and paid traffic effectively and how to hit a home run with high ROI.
  • You will learn to minimize resources and maximize returns. Very importantly, you will learn how to leverage humans and technologies.

Getting a Website as Your Virtual Office

The first step of the digital marketing journey is to have a functional W3C standard Website, especially if you're doing this for your business. But if all you want is to find a job, then your social media accounts i.e. LinkedIn will be enough. But for every other thing, you should get a website.

Make sure it is professional and not the underdog among your competition, W3C standard, blunder-free, and world-class enough to exude trust, and most importantly, SEO-driven to stay on top of Google SERP.

This module will teach you how to quickly setup a website without writing codes within a short time.

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Search Engine Optimization

Have you ever searched Google for an answer to a question before?

If so, you have been sold by some SEO experts. SEO is simply the most cost-effective online marketing strategy out there because it can deliver thousands of high-quality targeted traffic daily to your business and for free. SEO is a set of best practices for ranking your web pages on search engines like Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo.. to gain attention and traffics to your online business.

In a simple illustration, this is how SEO works. Someone is in dire need of something, let say a dental clinic because she has a tooth problem; when she looked around, there was no dental office around, so she turned to Google to search for the keyword 'dentist' and Google published a list of Dentist on their web page(SERP). It is usual for such person to choose from among the top 5 options.

Your job as an SEO expert is to give Google a reason to place your site in the top 3 slots. That is what you will learn in this module.

Search Engine Optimization is a massive part of online marketing. It can be challenging depending on the set of keywords you want to rank for and the geo. SEO is a dark art full of misleading information, confusion, misconceptions, and outright scams. But in reality, SEO is not difficult.

SEO is a very critical part of internet marketing. It requires less effort once correctly setup. It has the best buyer intent in online marketing. It is entirely free. Ranking #1 on Google means that Google recommends you to its multitude of users asking to know and exploit. If SEO is all you do, every other thing will suffice as it's the best thing you can do for your business's success.

In this SEO module, even though we have many search engines, we'll be using Google as our standard not just because it controls 86.86% of the market, but because it always set the pace, which means that in most of the cases once you rank on Google, you automatically rank on other search engines.

This module is broken down into five sub-modules.

  • The technical - this aspect deals with your website, the structure, how it conforms with W3C standards, image optimization, speed, responsiveness, mobility, etc.
  • On-page - this deals with the validity of the HTML elements(URL, Meta, Title, H1, etc.) and how you integrate your significant keywords with the elements. Content length and keyword density are among the qualities that matters. On-site is a crucial part of SEO and in many less competitive cases, on-site SEO is all you need to rank top 3.
  • Off-page - off-site SEO simply boiled down to the number of votes of confidence given to your websites. The core of this is to prove to Google that you're an authority on a set of keywords you're trying to rank by getting quality backlinks from other sites.
  • Miscellaneous - more factors like social signals, keyword relevance, domain age, traffic to the site from other sources are also necessary.
  • Usability - this deals with how users interact with your website that proves its relevance and value, something like Click-thru rate, Bounce rate, Conversion rate, and other user metrics used in measuring this factor.
  • Local listing - Your site needs to rank on Google 3 packs if you're doing local business. So this part will show you how.

There are so many other factors that will be unveiled in this module, and very importantly, you will learn how to win in SEO competition.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is an inbound marketing strategy focused on creating, publishing, and distributing relevant content consistently to a targeted audience to attract them as desiring users, engage them as loyal followers for the ultimate goal of making them your customers.

Let me illustrate further - Let us assume that you own a beauty salon, then you have a website where people can get to know more about your business, and you decided to use content marketing as a strategy for generating customers. So what you will do is to publish blog contents on your website business blog. One of the relevant topics can be "how to treat hair loss at home" you write such content to provide useful information on how to treat minor hair loss. At the end of the article, you added your contact so for the readers to reach you if they need.

You have just added value to the audience; this is how you gather loyal followers who will love to be your customer. Such an article will also position you as an authority in your industry. There are a few platforms you can publish articles, videos, and graphics as content for getting attention.

Content marketing will also give you an edge to rank higher on Google. There is a famous saying, "Content is King," it is valid for search engines. It means the more content you make for the web, the more your authority in the sight of Google and the better your ranking.

  • Content marketing as a strategy.
  • Using content research to find opportunities.
  • Creating, publishing, and distributing content.
  • Content marketing with business blog, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

In this module, you will simply learn how to strategically create content that communicates with your audience the right way and via the proper channels. More importantly, you will learn how to turn idle searchers or mere audience into paying customers.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a big topic in Digital marketing. It is one of the crucial elements that drive the digital world today. With that said, we cannot afford to learn internet marketing today without laying proper emphasis on social media marketing.

Social media marketing is the process of leveraging on social media platforms to connect with a targeted audience of raving fans to build a large following to meet an objective, drive targeted website traffic, and increase sales.

Apart from SEO, social media marketing is another reliable source of generating free targeted traffic to your brand online, but social media works differently. On social media platforms, you have to create accounts that represent your brand, and more importantly, you must continue to publish content consistently that carve out your niche with style and specificity. Make contents that add value so that you can get more views and more followers.

In this module, you will learn how to create content to grow a community of raving fans.

  • Define an audience and give them more to care about.
  • Identify and establish your brand on Key Social Media Platforms(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest).
  • How to grow and engage an audience.
  • How to develop a data-driven audience and campaign insights.
  • Creating and optimizing social media campaigns.

There will be a special emphasis on how to use LinkedIn to find a job home and abroad.

Online Advertising

When you start your digital marketing journey, it will be tempting to commit to free traffic sources like social media and SEO. Still, you need to know that it's not free par se.

As for those who couldn't afford to wait but have money enough to start getting results in a short time, this module is best for you. More so, you should add it as part of your digital campaign strategy.

As for those who have big budget and couldn't afford to wait to start getting results as early as possible, this module is best for you. More so, you should add it as part of your digital campaign strategy.

In this module, you will learn how to run adverts like Google PPC(Search & Display Ads), Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads, and Gmail Ads.

You will develop PPC skills using Google Ads, bid auctions, and build your Facebook targeting strategy. Optimize your campaigns to increase ROAS, track conversions, and improve your ROI.

Some of the key points are:

  • Structuring your Ads.
  • How to write killer Ad copy.
  • Google Ad Keywords in depth.
  • Facebook Pixel and Audience.
  • Facebook reporting, insight, and optimization.
  • Fan page, Ad account, and Business manager.
  • Remarketing with Google Ads and Retargeting with Facebook Ads.
  • Comprehensive training on Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads, and Gmail Ads.
  • Keeping track of profit with a conversion tracking.

This module will cover everything on how to run effective ads on those various platforms.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is referred to as the act of sending commercial email messages, generally to a group of audience, using email software. In its broadest sense, every email message sent to a prospect or customer is considered as email marketing. It also includes using email software to send advertisements, business offers, solicits donations or sales.

If you have been hanging around the digital world for some time now, you must have heard the popular saying that "money is in the list," which means you can make money again and again with your email list. Email marketing is an old internet marketing strategy; it was the only method for following up with digital marketers' audience. Internet marketers couldn't do without email marketing, as it was a crucial part of their strategy to maximize ROI.

With an ethical Email marketing strategy, you can send messages to an audience who has opted for your messages and get massive results from it. Having a good email list of people with a common interest will help you to save on advertisement. Imagine just waking up daily to make income from sales without spending on ads, all by sending email messages to your audience.

Though the open rates on email is shrinking everyday, but your email list is still one of the powerful digital assets you can utilize. Because the thing is, if Facebook, Google, YouTube go down tomorrow, your email list could be the only thing left with you.

This module will teach you how to collect relevant email contacts from your audience; you will learn how to bond yourself with them so that they will always prioritize your messages.

You will also learn:

  • How to manage and segment your contact data.
  • Test headlines and maximize open rates and ROI.
  • We also cover email marketing automation with an autoresponder.
  • Email marketing lead magnet.
  • How to warm up your sequences.
  • Testing and optimizing an email Campaign.
  • How to connect your funnels or landing pages to your email marketing software.

Email marketing is gold if you know how to exploit it.

Website and Funnels Optimization

A business could still fail online despite all the targeted traffic going to it.

This module gives you the skills to set up a simple, well-designed, optimized site that's not only attractive but also deliver results for your business.

Another crucial part of it is the ability to write compelling copy for your funnel so that your ROI can take to the roof.

  • Website design and speed optimization.
  • The use of VSL and sales copy on your funnels.
  • How to win with site speed.
  • User-centered design and search engine focused site optimization.

You will add some digits to your ROI with this module if you properly factor it in.

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Analyze Your Traffic Data With Google Analytics.

This module teaches you how to unleash the capability of your data. You will discover what your customer likes, wants, needs, and does on your website. You will also understand what's happening on your website, how your visitors are using your website, set up goals, and monitor conversions.

  • Website analytics fundamentals.
  • How to create and configure Google analytics account.
  • How to monitor campaigns with analytics reports.
  • How to analyze and record Google analytics report.
  • Setting up goals with Google analytics.

Data analytics helps you to hack into the minds of users to generate data that you can use to improve your site, without which you could be firing aimlessly.

Digital Marketing Strategy And Growth Hacking.

You need a solid strategy to achieve your goals and objectives online. It is not enough to just get involved because there are competitors on the internet; if you're not careful, you will waste time, and you will never achieve any goal.

Every business is different; the way to market a service-based business is not the same way to market eCommerce; in the same vein, the way you promote a cheap commodity is not the way you're going to promote a high-ticket product.

Most importantly, many competitors are doing the same thing as you. That's why you need a secret strategy that your competition knew nothing about; with a plan, the game is a win win.

This module will help you to build a clear vision and, most importantly, allows you to implement a strategy to win the game.

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