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Distance eLearning Solutions

As we aspire to improve the quality of our lives, our schedules tighten and we may never be able to make out to learn a new skill, especially if we are on paid employment. There are millions of people around the world who are stuck in that rot.

If you happen to be one of these people and you desire to learn a new skill at Web Academy you need not worry about joggling your brimming rota with a training timetable because we have you covered. We have set up an eLearning option just for you.

With our eLearning arrangement, you will get the video/multimedia tutorial alternatives to our trainings. These are videos recorded on CDs and DVDs, you can watch on your PCs or laptops. They are very interactive, and you can watch, listen and learn at your own pace; you can pause, skip, and fast-forward at will. You can choose subjects and courses from the list and learn at your free time.

All our website training courses have multimedia training alternatives. You can also make special request for multimedia versions of our other courses.

Course Contents

  1. Website Design Training
  2. Website Application Development Training
  3. Mobile Application Development Training
  4. Online Marketing and Advert
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