100% Hands-on Website Development Training Course

Our website development course is a live coding training with several projects, no theory, no drama.

Today, having only an online profile is inadequate. So much more is expected from brand owners these days, so they must use information technology to accomplish business and social tasks online every single day. These could be business to business operations, customer to business operations, or inter-departmental operations. Sometimes a brand needs an online community web application.

Only a dynamic or interactive website solution can meet these needs. These types of websites allow inter-activities; the users are able to interact with the website.

Developers for such websites must be masters at creating interactive websites like eCommerce, shopping cart, dating site, news site, content management system, social networking site, forum, job board etc.

These websites could be very tedious for a regular programmer to create because they demand core computer logical reasoning – out-of-the world reasoning which is the ability to think like a computer itself. This is why in our web apps. classes, our trainees are taken through the modules step by step: Developing their programming skills from those of novices to those of prolific experts.

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Course Outline

Module 1: The difference between website design(website interface) and web development(interactive website).

Module 2: Client-side Scripting/Programming
Javascript fundamentals; Javascript variables, control structures; Built-in and custom javascript functions; Form validation with javascript; Introduction to jQuery as a javascript library; Simplifying javascript with jQuery; jQuery structure component i.e. core, selectors, attributes, traversing the DOM, effects...

Module 3: Server-side Scripting/Programming
PHP programming fundamentals; Variables and arrays in PHP; String functions; Control structures; Built-in and custom functions in PHP; Using built-in sql queries for data in MySQL; Sessions, cookies and access control in PHP; Email processing with PHP...

Module 4: MySQL Database/Backend
Introduction to MySQL basics; Publishing MySQL data on the web; RDBMS database architecture with MySQL; MySQL administration...

Module 5: AJAX
xmlhttprequest techniques; Use ajax to make call to the server without page refeash; Server-side form validation with ajax; Web services...

Module 6: Laravel
The Laravel framework and its installation and environment; How to create Forms, gather user inputs and validate them; How to create a database and use appropriate SQL statements to create tables and store data; Perform appropriate authentication by effectively using encryption/decryption; How to deploy third party service into the application...

Module 6: Live projects
We create a login application i.e. Membership site; Create a Content Management System; Create our own Social Networking or Dating application; Create an eCommerce website i.e. jumia; And some other business login websites like payroll...

Thesis and live project that must be supervised by instructor before a certificate can be awarded.

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