100% Practical Website Design Training Course

Our website design course is the most intensive and comprehensive training you will ever find.

The visual representation of a website is pretty much as important as the substance itself. Once these two areas (visual representation and substance) are perfect everything else is secondary.

A standard website should score points on sight. A perfect website should make you gasp. The scope of Website Design Training at Web Academy entails learning how to make website inspires.

A website is such a significant electronic platform for brands that the state of its visuals affects how the brand itself is perceived. Hence perfection is crucial. After all, the ‘first impression lasts longest’.

The Web Academy tech. team is trendy; we always have the latest website design skills and the W3C coding standard. Join our experts in semantic web, Web 2.0 and 3.0 technologies.

A website designer wannabe should have a good sense of art and passion for computer logic because it involves creativity and professionalism.

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Course Outline

Module 1: How The Internet and the World Wide Web works

Module 2: HTML5 and CSS3
Introduction to HTML5, HTML5 DocType, New structure tags(Section, Nav, Article, Aside, Header, Footer); New form tags(Search, tel, url, email, number ...)
Introduction to CSS3, New CSS3 properties, Rounded corners, Border Images, Border shadows, CSS gradients, CSS background properties, CSS3 layout...

Module 3: Website Graphics with Adobe Fireworks
Graphics for the web with Adobe Fireworks, Logo design, text design and photo editing for the web with Adobe Fireworks.

Module 4: Bootstrap Website Design Framework
How to use bootstrap; Bootstrap grid system; CSS Techniques with bootstrap; UI Techniques with bootstrap; Navigation best practices in bootstrap...

Module 5: Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting
Domain name anthology i.e. TLD, ccTLD, glTLD. Host server packages i.e. Shared server, Virtual Private Server, Dedicated servers.

Module 6: Website Uploading
How to use File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to upload; How to upload with control panel's File manager.

Thesis and live project that must be supervised by instructor before a certificate can be awarded.

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