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We walk the talk, we teach what we practice, we're passionate, and this is all we do for life.

There is no denying the colossal magnitude and global spectrum of the Web evolution. Even the naysayers cannot undermine the compulsion of World Wide Web literacy and participation in today’s world. There is simply no alternative.

Our fast-paced lives have multiplied in speed, and the demands of the ever-shrinking global village make it unpardonable for any brand or entity to lack an internet presence.

This is the information age and the race to keep up with the times is very tough for the ill-equipped. This has resulted in the perpetual demand for web and digital professionals for an increasing variety of specialties.

Information and information technology are vital to our business and personal lives that no one can afford to compromise on the best.

As far as website and digital marketing training are concerned, you must not only go for the best, but you must commit yourself to the hands of an academy that understands the peculiarities of your region and nothing less.

Web Academy is an indigenous website and digital marketing training firm in Nigeria, West Africa, that is well acclaimed for its excellence and thoroughness. Also, Web Academy understands the market and needs of the Nigerian and African.

Web Academy is a subsidiary of Magnate Muscles Limited, a web and digital marketing solution company specializing in website and digital marketing solutions with offices in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt.

Web Academy is an institute initiated by Magnate Muscles Limited to bestow knowledge and skill in the specialized areas of web and mobile technology to empower and guide our numerous trainees unto the mastery of web technologies and its allied issues; thus empowering them for financial independence. At Web Academy, we have ingrained research and continuous education culture and excellent facilities. As a result, our course modules, tool kits, publications, and trainers are always up to date.

We are always abreast of new technology and challenges, and we help shape our students' careers to adequately prepare them for a successful IT career in our evolving world. In the same vein, we're helping businesses 10X their sales and profit, which invariably accelerate their growth.

Our curriculum is designed such that it is at par with global standards. So are our solutions; they are world-class.

All our training course modules are 100% practical. To cap it up, we make learning fun with real-life projects. After the training, we make our support services available to our graduates for any project they embark on.

Omoba Odusanya

Omoba Odusanya

Being an artistic child, I derived pleasure from art. I developed this craft into a profitable skill. The skill metamorphosed into a career in website design.

In school, I picked an interest in websites and started studying and learning the art of website design.

I progressed from creating excellent content and layouts with HTML, CSS to leverages like Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Fireworks, and Adobe Flash.

Then I advanced into the creation of web applications with javascript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, AJAX.

Today, I have leaped into the future, the edge that every business needs to succeed. That is Digital marketing.

The craving to share my knowledge with my world lead to the creation of Web Academy in 2004, and with my team, thousands have been trained. Web Academy is now a brand to reckon with.

What makes us stand out is that we don’t just train. We get involved with our trainees and help them apply themselves all through the learning process. We are patient and generous with our time and know-how.

We render real life solutions, and our progress is evident. We are Trendy, Creative, and Innovative. If you're seeking a cutting-edge career, then you should join us. Success is the only option.